🚀 Exciting news! 🚀 We (Pouyan Khabazi / Frans Oudendorp) are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new podcast series, “Defender for Cloud: Bridging Worlds,” with the incredible Rod Trent as our first guest! 🎙️

In this debut episode, we’ll explore the unique security differences and challenges between cloud and on-prem environments, and how Defender for Cloud emerges as the ultimate solution, bringing the best of both worlds. 🌐☁️

Not only that, but we also delve into the AI spectrum and the rising security challenges that businesses face in this ever-evolving digital landscape. Discover how Microsoft is proactively addressing these emerging challenges to keep your data safe. 💻🔒

But wait, there’s more! Over the coming episodes, we’ll dive deeper into each separate Defender solution in Defender for Cloud, providing you with expert insights and valuable tips on securing your infrastructure. 🔎

A huge thank you to Rod Trent for sharing his knowledge and kicking off this amazing series with us! 🙌

🎧 Tune in now and don’t miss out on this insightful conversation!

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