We are excited and announcing a new podcast series on Microsoft Defender for Cloud. In this new series we will explore how this powerful suite of security products can help enhance your cybersecurity posture. This new series will be hosted by Frans Oudendorp and Pouyan Khabazi, both Microsoft Security MVPs and leading speakers on cloud security, each episode dives into one of the Defender for Cloud products in detail, providing expert insights, tips, and real-world examples of how to use them effectively.

To kick off this series we will have a keynote episode, we are thrilled to have a Microsoft expert, a prominent cloud security advocate, as our special guest. He will share his extensive experience and deep knowledge of cloud security, and offer valuable insights into how Defender for Cloud can help organizations stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. Whether you are a seasoned cloud security professional or just starting out, this podcast series is a must-listen for anyone looking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses in the cloud